5 Reasons Cloud Hosting Can Improve Your Rankings On Google

One of the newer terms you may have heard being referred to by an SEO company such as seoperthexperts.com.au when discussing how to optimise your website for better rankings is cloud hosting. Now, this does not mean your website is stored on fluffy white clouds floating across the sky, but rather, it is hosted across multiple servers located in numerous locations around the world. This differs from the type of hosting you are most likely familiar with, where websites are hosted in a single server location.

There are several advantages that cloud hosting provides, and most of them can be a positive influence on your SEO, and ultimately your rankings on Google. Here are five reasons why that is the case.

Hosting In Multiple Locations Means Your Website’s Servers Are Closer To Users

Your website is accessible across the world, but you must also be aware that there are certain countries where you are most likely to see visitors access your website. These will be the main English speaking countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.

With your cloud hosting company having servers in those main countries your website gains approval from Google as one of its ranking factors is related to the proximity of a website’s hosting server to those who are searching for and accessing that website.

Cloud Hosting Can Mean Page Load Speeds Are Faster

Most cloud hosting services employ a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which means the content is delivered faster and thus page load speeds are also faster as a result. Bear in mind, Google measures each website’s page load speed as part of its ranking algorithm and that time has an impact on rankings. Specifically, fast pages will help a website’s ranking and conversely slow pages will harm a website’s ranking.

Your Website’s Uptime Is Maximised

Many regard this as one of the primary reasons to switch to cloud hosting. In principle, if your website is hosted on just one server, if it develops a problem, the risk is your website may go down and therefore be inaccessible. This is a huge black mark for a website and websites which have poor uptime will soon lose any good rankings they have. With cloud hosting having multiple servers, even if one fails, your website will still be live thanks to the other servers located elsewhere.

Your Website’s Security Is Enhanced

Whilst no hosting service of any type can ever stop hackers targeting them, one significant benefit of cloud hosting is that they are regarded as more secure than hosting that uses a single server for each website. Specifics include cloud hosting companies investing significantly in security, built-in redundancy, and the fact that multiple data centres make it more difficult for hackers and those will malevolent intentions infiltrating a website and its data.

Cloud Hosting Is Ideal For Mobile Devices

It cannot have escaped your notice that everywhere you look, people of all ages are using mobile devices. This has manifested itself online, where the use of Google by mobile users exceeds that of desktop and laptops. This has also led to Google now favouring mobile searches to desktop.

With cloud hosting, you can take advantage of this fact because cloud hosting services provide several analytical tools that help you to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. With it being mobile-friendly, your website will be seen more favourably by Google’s algorithm when calculating its ranking.

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