Five Techniques for Dealing with Age Discrimination

Although racism and sexual discrimination are the two forms of discrimination we see in the news most often, age discrimination is actually a huge problem throughout Australia. It happens to people in all industries across all sectors when their perceived value becomes less due to their age.

Fortunately, though, there are a few tried and tested techniques that you can use to deal with age discrimination. Never sit back and accept things as they are. Instead, take a proactive approach and eliminate all forms of workplace discrimination before it has a chance to take hold.

In the rest of this article, we’ve outlined our top five strategies for dealing with age discrimination in the workplace. These include:

  1. Seeking Professional Advice

If not dealt with promptly, age discrimination can have significant mental health effects. It’s therefore crucial to seek professional advice where necessary. If you’ve already lodged a complaint with your HR department with no action, it could be time to speak with a lawyer. Remember, your HR officers do work for your employer, and they may be encouraged to cover up and complaints.

  1. Keep as Much Evidence as Possible

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to win age discrimination cases if things escalate to that level. Because of this, you need to ensure that you’re keeping solid records of every alleged act of discrimination.

Many legal professionals advise using a notebook detailing every incident, including your feelings and any actions you took. Where possible, visual evidence should be collected as well.

  1. Consider Raising Your Concerns With Your Coworkers

If you feel like you’ve been a victim of age discrimination, it could be a good idea to have a chat with your coworkers to see if they feel the same. If they do, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever mounting a successful legal challenge. After all, there’s power in numbers.

  1. Make Sure You’re Working to the Best of Your Ability

A lot of employers won’t admit it, but the younger generations technological fluency and familiarity generally make employing them a lot more attractive. As an elderly worker, you can ensure you receive equal opportunities by taking online courses and staying up to date with the latest technology.

  1. Move to a More Accepting Workplace

If you’ve taken the appropriate actions to eliminate age discrimination within your workplace, but still feel that you’re at a disadvantage, consider changing employers. For many, the constant fight to improve their worth within a company just isn’t worth it. In these cases, moving to a more accepting workplace is always going to be a good option.

Final Word

Age discrimination remains a widespread problem throughout Australia. Although Australian employment and anti-discrimination laws are tough, it still seems to happen way more often than it should. In this article, we’ve outlined our top five strategies for dealing with age discrimination in the workplace.

However, it’s never worth continuing to work somewhere at the expense of your mental health. Seek legal advice where necessary, and be sure to speak to a medical professional if necessary.

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